Games and Sports play a pivotal role in holistic growth of the students they not only provide physical exercise but also mental fortitude leading to healthy living. The importance of sports in higher education extends far beyond physical activity and competition. It encompasses various aspects that contribute to the development of students and the building of a nation. Engaging in regular physical activity through sports help students maintain a healthy lifestyle, develop endurance, and improve their overall physical health. It instills discipline, encourages regular exercise habits, and fosters a sense of responsibility toward one’s own well-being. Moreover, sports provide an avenue for students to cultivate crucial life skills.

Games and Sports Committee within educational institutions plays a vital role in developing individual potential through organized physical education, sports and games and increases the level of commitment towards the same. The committee acts as a platform for students to showcase their talents, allowing them to grow and excel in their chosen sports. It fosters an inclusive and supportive environment, providing opportunities for students to participate, learn and compete in various sports disciplines.

Members :
  • 1. Dr Nabanita Chakrabarti, Principal
  • 2. Dr Purabi Barman - Convenor
  • 3. Ms Sharmistha Dasgupta, Bursar
  • 4. ⁠Dr Lopamudra Basu, Secretary, Teachers' Council
  • 5. ⁠Dr Md Ziaul Haque
  • 6. ⁠Dr Saddam Hossain Mondal
  • 7. ⁠Ms Sahita Mitra
  • 8. ⁠Mr Arup Mallick
  • 9. ⁠Mr Ranjan Sen Sharma
  • 10. ⁠Mr Abhrapratim Palit
  • 11. ⁠Mr Archiman Lahiri
  • 12. ⁠Mr Sibasish Dutta
  • 13. ⁠Mr Abhishek Sengupta
  • 14. ⁠Ms Priyanka Banik
  • 15. Ms Sukanta Kundu
  • 16. Mr SubrataMondal, Head Clerk
  • 17. Mr Satrajit Mitra
  • 18. Mr Pallab Dey
  • 19. Mr Kishore Bhanu Nayak
  • 20. Mr Bhim Bahadur Chetri
Activities :
  • 1. International Yoga Day, celebrated on 21st June 2022.
  • 2. National Sports Day, celebrated on 29th August 2023.
  • 3. ⁠Annual Sports of College was held on 6th December 2023.