The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Heramba Chandra College functions to establish and uphold a culture of quality within the college. Its primary role involves strategizing, directing, and administering activities aimed at ensuring and enhancing the quality standards across the college. The responsibility of the IQAC is to establish a framework aimed at achieving continuous, coherent, and transformative enhancement in the overall functioning of the college.

IQAC takes proactive steps to enhance teaching and learning through advanced methods, to ensure fair and reliable evaluation processes, to maintain and optimize support structures effectively, and to collaborate on research and networking globally with institutions.

IQAC functions as an inclusive and enabling entity. It collects input from students, faculty, and alumni to refine institutional operations. It maintains records and analyzes data to track and improve quality-related outcomes. IQAC collaborates with internal and external bodies to share best practices in quality assurance. It ensures adherence to standards and prepares for accreditation processes. It conducts workshops and seminars to empower staff in quality assurance practices.

IQAC enhances transparency and empowers the college to elevate their operational standards and decision-making processes. It develops and implements quality benchmarks and mechanisms to  promote and maintain a standard of excellence throughout the college.