With a long and glorious history, Heramba Chandra College has certain areas of distinctiveness, which adds uniqueness to its profile. For over 60 years, the college has earned a reputation as one of the leading colleges in South Kolkata in terms of academic excellence. Committed to the all-round development of students, the college also emphasises the development of social responsibilities among them. To make them socially aware, socially dutiful and socially aligned, Heramba Chandra College continues varied social extension activities and outreach programmes for the students and by the students. All these efforts have taken a concentrated character with the initiation of the in-campus programme named ‘Ramdhanu’ (Rainbow). This is now considered as the most remarkable distinctiveness of the college.

Heramba Chandra College designed and executed several social extension and outreach programmes in the local community for the session 2018-19 to 2022-23. All these activities were mostly carried out by the Campus Harmony and Social Service Unit of the college and in some cases by the Heramba Chandra College Ambulance Division (St. John Ambulance, No. II, West Bengal District). The programmes include blood donation camps; free health check-up camps; distribution of saplings among the local community; awareness campaigns on AIDS, water wastage, freedom from plastic waste, the ban on single-use plastic, safe drive and save life; free book distribution of books among underprivileged children etc. For long the college had a desire to start initiatives for the wellbeing of the local community from within the college campus. After prolonged discussion, the college has finally been able to start a social welfare programme of its own. It is Ramdhanu: Colours that Empower Lives.

The Concept

Ramdhanu, an extension initiative conceptualized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Heramba Chandra College was finally launched in 2022-23. The programme aims to brighten the lives of underprivileged children through the transformative power of education. The basic features of this programme include the following.

1. Under the umbrella of Ramdhanu, the college plans to offer various free short-term courses annually, providing an invaluable opportunity for the deprived to access education and various extra-curricular activities.

2. The initiative recognizes the importance of student-instructors of our college and has committed to offering them minimal remuneration for each class, ensuring a fair and sustainable partnership.

3. Another distinctive feature of Ramdhanu is its commitment to not only intellectual but also physical nourishment. The participating children will be provided with a free meal, emphasizing the understanding that a well-fed mind goes hand-in-hand with academic growth.

4. This community-driven effort represents a significant step towards contributing to the holistic development of the nearby community.

5. Financial sustainability is a key aspect of this initiative, and the college has devised a thoughtful plan. The expenses incurred in running Ramdhanu will be shared equally between the teachers' fund and the college, where operational expenses will be determined based on the amount shared by the teachers. This collaborative approach ensures a responsible allocation of resources, fostering a sense of shared responsibility among the faculty and the institution.

6. Recognizing the magnitude of its ambitions, Ramdhanu is actively seeking collaboration with government bodies and corporate entities to secure additional financial assistance.

This holistic approach demonstrates the college's commitment to maximizing support and resources, ensuring the sustained impact and growth of Ramdhanu for the betterment of the less fortunate children, it aims to serve. By actively engaging with the community the college is creating a positive impact on society.

Courses Offered

Ramdhanu is delighted to present the following free short-term courses to the diverse interests and talents of the deprived children in the local community.

1. The dancing course aims to nurture artistic expression and physical well-being among the participants.

2. The singing course seeks to foster a love for music and vocal skills among underprivileged children.

3. The drawing and painting course aims to bring creativity to the forefront encouraging artistic expression and imagination.

4. The basic computer knowledge is designed to empower participants with fundamental digital literacy skills.

Contribution of Faculties

The anticipated success of Ramdhanu rests upon the dedication of the faculty members from Heramba Chandra College, who eagerly commit to extend their expertise and support to this commendable initiative. The faculty actively participated in the conceptualization, coordination, and planning of the courses. The carefully selected and designated faculty members from Heramba Chandra College will contribute their knowledge and guidance every Sunday, between the serene hours of 10 am to 1 pm. Despite Sundays traditionally being a day of rest, the faculty's collective commitment ensures the seamless orchestration of these educational sessions.

Student-Instructors’ Contributions

A cornerstone of the Ramdhanu initiative is the involvement of our enthusiastic students, who are poised to take on the roles of instructors. These dedicated individuals have been eagerly contributing their time and sharing their knowledge, demonstrating a sincere commitment to uplifting the socio-economically disadvantaged children within our community. The collaborative effort between students and faculty members aims to create a positive learning environment, nurturing a profound sense of shared responsibility and community engagement.

Role of Students’ Union

The Students' Union of our college has pledged to extend its helping hand in identifying and reaching out to economically disadvantaged and less fortunate children within the community. This proactive role involves a community outreach effort that not only showcases a deep sense of social responsibility but also underscores the inclusive ethos of the initiative. In essence, the Students' Union becomes a bridge between the college and the community, ensuring that the transformative power of education reaches those who need it most.

Contribution of the Members of IQAC

The members of the IQAC play an integral role in ensuring the success and sustained impact of the Ramdhanu initiative. The contribution includes strict monitoring and follow-up by the internal members of IQAC, assisted by the programme coordinators and the course coordinators to ensure adherence to institutional standards. External members of the IQAC extend their commitment beyond internal oversight, pledging to facilitate corporate support to make this successful. Their joint effort is expected to contribute to the holistic development of the initiative and ensuring education's enlightening impact on society.

Contribution of the Non-teaching Staff

The non-teaching staff of the college has also extended their hand to make this programme a successful one. Despite being a holiday, they have willingly devoted their time to make all arrangements necessary for the programme on Sunday. Their unwavering cooperation becomes a strong support, transforming each session into a lantern of hope for the underprivileged children we eagerly aim to serve.

Basic Details on Ramdhanu in 2022-2023

  • Number of classes : 20
  • Number of Participants : 42
  • Number of Student-trainers : 16