The Academic Committee spearheads initiatives aimed at implementing the curriculum designed by Calcutta University, identifying the knowledge gaps, and introducing new strategies to meet evolving academic and professional demands.

A primary objective of the committee is to create and uphold mechanisms for assuring and elevating academic quality and ensuring that the institution maintains its commitment to excellence in education.

The committee fosters an environment conducive to holistic student development and success. This involves devising and implementing comprehensive support structures encompassing personalized academic advising, and enriching supplementary programmes to empower students toward their educational goals. The Committee insists on a blended mode to compensate loss of academic hours due to building requisition for University examinations.

The committee endeavours to cultivate a vibrant culture of scholarly inquiry and innovation amongst the students. This encompasses fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and providing avenues for creative exploration, thereby enriching the intellectual landscape of the students.

A paramount objective of the committee is to foster a climate of diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the College. This involves proactive measures to retain a diverse student body, fostering an inclusive learning environment, and promoting cultural competence across all facets of the institution.

The committee is committed to forging meaningful partnerships with local communities, industries, and academic institutions. This includes promoting experiential learning opportunities, facilitating community engagement initiatives, and leveraging external resources to enrich the educational experience and enhance societal impact.

The committee explores, evaluates, and integrates cutting-edge technologies to augment teaching and learning. This involves strategic investment in technological infrastructure, fostering digital literacy among faculty and students, and leveraging emerging tools and platforms to enhance the educational experience.

The committee is tasked with formulating and overseeing academic policies and procedures to ensure compliance with institutional mandates, accreditation standards, and regulatory frameworks. This includes regularly reviewing and refining policies to align with evolving educational paradigms and best practices.

Central to the committee's mandate is the commitment to ongoing evaluation and enhancement of academic programmes and services. This involves soliciting and integrating stakeholder feedback, conducting regular performance assessments, and employing data-driven insights to drive continuous improvement efforts across all facets of academic endeavour.

Members :
1. Dr Nabanita Chakrabarti, Principal
2. Dr Raktim Sur, Academic Superintendent - Convenor
3. Dr Ranjan Kumar Auddy, IQAC Co-ordinator
4. Dr Lopamudra Basu, Secretary, Teachers' Council
5. All Heads of the Departments