About the College

Heramba Chandra College, a premier co-educational institution, is popularly known as South City Day College. The College has a long glorious history. It has celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year 2006. In the history of education in India, the achievements of City College need to be remembered not only for its pioneering efforts in the field of modern education in the country, but also for the fact that it is the embodiment of the liberal spirit of those master-minds that enriched the nineteenth century renaissance in India.

From Principal's Desk

Herambachandra College welcomes you all. People who are privileged to continue their higher studies get admitted to a college. After completing twelve long years of disciplined school life, college is a place to take free breath. These three years in college are the best part in a person’s life. The memories of college are to be remembered for life. Here people take the first step towards individuality. Dreams about future begin to crystalize from college. The college provides support to move forward in future life. This is the place where chrysalises turn into beautiful butterflies.

This college is educating people for more than sixty years with a reputation. First, it was the only college of commerce in south Kolkata. Gradually, it opened other branches of higher education and now offers honours in Bangla, Education, English, History and Political Science in Arts, and Economics and Geography in Science, along with honours in Accounting & Finance.

Our Vision


Our vision is to become a dynamic and vibrant institution of excellence in higher education. The College thrives by responding to changing social realities through the advancement and application of knowledge and wisdom. We strive to impart updated knowledge and instil strength of mind, expanded intellect, ability to stand on their own two feet and a deep sense of social commitment among our students. The College nurtures the students...

Our Mission


Our Mission is to impart quality education by providing all students, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or economic standing with opportunities to acquire knowledge; assist them in preparing adequately for the academic courses and future career paths  they opt for;  inculcate values that promote mutual understanding among people and communities; provide the students with opportunities to develop...

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