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Career Advancement Scheme (CASmeans Career Advancement procedure adopted by the University as per UGC regulations dated 30.6.2010. The UGC Regulation, 2010 stipulated that, previous regular service, whether national or international, as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor or equivalent in a University, College, National Laboratories or other scientific/professional organisations such as the CSIR, ICAR, DRDO, UGC, ICSSR, ICHR, ICMR, DBT, etc., should be counted for promotion under Career Advancement Scheme (CAS). Entry level Assistant Professors (Level 10) would be eligible for promotion under the Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) through two successive levels (Level 11 and Level 12), provided they are assessed to fulfil the eligibility and performance criteria as laid out in Clause 6.3. of these regulations. CAS means vertical movement in Designation and Pay Scale on the basis of twin criteria of (1) Number of Years of Service and (2) Academic Performance Indicators (API). A Career Advancement Scheme (CAS)  is an essential component of a rigid faculty structure, whereby an individual faculty member can move to a higher designation and/or pay (AGP). A Email account made for CAS related work. The Email id is ‘[email protected]’. The objective of the CAS committee is to Faculty members apply under performance based Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) for promotion to various levels. A teacher who wishes to be considered for promotion under CAS may submit in writing to the college, that he/she fulfils all qualifications under CAS and submit to the college the Performance Based Appraisal System Proforma duly supported by all credentials as per the API guidelines set out in UGC Regulations dated 30-06-2010. Looking into the above UGC regulation our college formed a committee on 5th March 2022 for teachers promotion under CAS.

    UGC Regulation 30.06.2010

    Revised CAS Regulation 7.12.2017




 1. Principal

 2. Chinmayee Nanda

 3. Emon Bagchi

4. Sutapa Bhatta Guha

 5. Sujoy Banerjee-Accountant


 Past Activities

Committee formed on 5th March 2022.


15th March and 26th August