The Library of Heramba Chandra College encourages knowledge dissemination among the learning fraternity of the College supporting the vision and mission of the College. It aids to increase the consciousness of acquiring the necessary information to excel in the field of Higher Education. The learners are made aware of the books, periodicals, references etc. of their respective subjects. The Library helps the learners to gather multi-faceted information and knowledge concerning their field of study through physical and electronic resources. It believes in the advancement of the learners in their path of knowledge and wisdom to implement the quality education of the institution. Each learner is given equal importance in the Library, Herambachandra College in terms of Library Services.


The Library has two parts : (i) Heramba Chandra College Central Library, and (ii) Heramba Chandra College Seminar Library. Both of the Libraries are equipped with a diversified collection of subjects with their various updated ramifications to meet the quest for knowledge of their uses. They meet the demands of the students of B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com.; the teachers and other staff-members of the College. The Central Library is at the 3rd floor in the college building with an area of 282.31 Reading facility is available in the Central Library with the seating capacity of 70 persons at a time. The Central Library for all three Colleges has been filled with rare books since the inception of these three colleges. The Seminar Library has an area of 45.62 situated at the ground floor in the college building. The users may enrol themselves as the members in both the Libraries for borrowing books, availing reading facility etc.

Library Automation

The Library has started using Open Source Integrated Library Management Software (ILMS) KOHA for Library Automation since 2015. KOHA is currently hosted through a Linux Cloud with a high-performance free search engine called Zebra in the back end. Library has commenced various automation work such as cataloging, barcode generation, patron management etc. A 24x7 Web OPAC is designed for the users of the library for searching the available resources of the Library including field searching, topical searching, advanced searching etc. Library is equipped with its own Data Server which accelerates the metadata digitization process of the library resources.

Library Service Hours for the users

  • 11.30 a.m. - 04:30 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
  • 11.30 a.m. - 02.00 p.m. (Saturday)

Library Services

  1. Book for Home Issue
  2. Book for Day Issue
  3. Reading facility
  4. 24x7 Web-OPAC
  5. Remote Access of E-resources
  6. Online Databases
  7. E-Journals and E-books under Consortia
  8. Reference Services
  9. Periodicals
  10. Library Class
  11. Open Educational Resources
  12. User Awareness about resources