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Yahoo or ymail is another email service provider company like Gmail and Hotmail. It was launched back in 1997 across the globe by its parent company namely Yahoo. By the end of 2011 yahoo mail has reach a total of 281 million users making it one the largest web based email Provider Company in the world.

Yahoo is an American based firm headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The company was founded by two members namely "Jerry Yang" and "David Filo" in January 1994 and was incorporated in 2nd March 1995. Ymail became the one the pioneers of the early era of the internet in 1990s.


Yahoo mail offers you to send and received many emails on your account. It also provides unlimited message space, customization, virus protection and blocking the spam emails. Back in 2007 ymail launched the feature to switch between different modes like mail, text and chat messages.

There are many emails provides out there on internet but one of the most brilliant email service is being provided by the Yahoo.

What is Email:

Email stands for Electronic Mail. It is a medium of communication through electronic devices. Created by Ray Tomlinson. The Email was first entered limited use back in 1960s and by 1970s it has become a way of global communication and recognized by the name Email.

Email account has become a need of almost every firm across the globe. However, if you are working for a company or you are studying and even if you don't work or study you need email service.

Many websites offers free email services and Yahoo is one of them. We have many ways of communication but the Email is one of the best professional medium.

Supporting Platforms of Yahoo Mail:

Yahoomail login can be accessed by any device that is connected to the internet like Mobile phone, Computer, Laptop, Tablet.

Yahoo Mail on Windows:

We can access or create yahoo mail account from any browser available in Microsoft Windows. In order to do that we can simply go to

Yahoo Mail on Android:

Like other email service providers Yahoo also has an Android App. you can simply go to the Google Playstore and search for Yahoo Mail. Install it and enter your details in order to login into your Yahoo mail account.

Yahoo Mail on iOS:

Yahoo also has an app on iOS. You can simply download it by going to the Apple Playstore and search for the Yahoo Mail. After downloading and installing has finished simply launch the app and enter your details in order for you to login into your Yahoo mail account.

Don't have a Yahoo Mail account? No worries let's create one.


Creating a Yahoo Mail Account:

To create a yahoo mail account launch your browser, type on URL bar and press enter. After the page has finished loading you'll see a button namely "Mail" at upper right corner click on it. You'll see the next window where it asks you for your ymail credentials.

Now beneath "Stay sign in option" you will see another option which states "Create an Account" click on it and it will move to the next window. In next window it says "Sign up for Yahoo Mail" is written. Now enter your details one by one.

Enter your First and Surname next it will ask your for the email address that your want to create make sure that the email you are trying to create does not exists otherwise you will have to choose other email address.

However, if the email you are trying to create is already registered then add some random numbers at the end of email like "".

After selecting email enter your password. Now remember you password must be strong otherwise it will be easy for guessing. Make sure you use a Capital letter, special characters and numbers in your password because it makes it strong and very difficult for the attackers to guess it or crack it.

Now enter your Phone Number because it helps to secure your account more. After that enter rest of the details and click on continue. It will move onto the next window where it will be to send a text message or OTP (One Time Password) to the number that you have provided. Next click on "Text me a verification code" and it will move to the next window.

Here you have to enter the digits that ymail have sent you in there text message. Simply enter the digits and it will verify it and you will automatically moved to the new windows where it shows you a message "Congratulations!.

You can use this email address to access everything Ymail". Click on continue and in the next window click on "I agree" then it will automatically redirect to your newly created Yahoo mail account.

Advantages of Yahoo Mail Account:

Creating a Yahoo Mail account is an advantage. First you'll get a free account along with 1 TB of free storage. That indeed is a hefty amount to store your important emails.

The next advantage is that it allows you to manage your other email account from different email services like Hotmail and Gmail from within theymail account. If you are at vacations you can set auto replies mode as well.

Yahoo Mail also has a Basic version which is more simpler and easy to load. Although that is not all you will also get the features like Yahoo Calendar.


1. How to login into yahoo mail account?

You can simply login into your yahoo mail account by visiting "".

2. Can anyone login into my account from any country if they get my password and email id?

No they can’t because of the phone number you’ve added into your account while signing up if someone tries to login into your account you’ll receive an OTP on you cellphone. Without OTP even if they have your credentials they are unable to access your account.

3. Can we remove our cellphone number after signing up?

Yes you can remove your cellphone number but you’ll have to add a secondary email address on your yahoo mail account because it’ll help you out when your account gets locked or you forget your password.

4. How to recover yahoo mail account if I lost the password?

You can reset your password by going to “” then enter your email address then click on next on the next window you’ll see the option of “Forgotten Password” beneath Next button click on in and solve the captcha then click on continue. On the next window it will ask to “Select a verification method” click on the number or secondary you’ve provided then it will send the verification code on the option you’ve selected. Now paste the code and it’ll redirect you to next window where you’ll be able to reset your password.

5. Is cellphone number more secure than secondary email?

Yes it enable the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) on your account which helps you get more secure than secondary email.

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